6 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing

Social media is the best marketing tool, which small business owners have at their fingertips today. It allows small businesses, which cannot afford to launch private online communities, communicate with consumers in a personal way for building better customer relation. If your business hasn’t started using social media, you are losing a great opportunity to promote your brand and thereby increase the sales for your business. The following top 6 social media tips for small business marketing will help to interact with online customers in social spaces and also guide you in developing and maintaining better relationships with the customers on social networks.

Plan your SMM approach

As with business strategy, you need to make a plan and stick to it to be successful. Outline the objectives as well as the steps you want to take apart from the tools you’ll need for meeting your marketing goals. Your plan must outline how your small business is going to integrate SMM into the existing marketing approaches. Some of the social media-specific issues, which you’ll need to think about:

Find your potential customers

With so many social networking channels available to customers, it can be tough to select a social networking platform for your business. Before creating accounts in Facebook or Twitter to start your marketing campaign, conduct a thorough research to find where your consumers already congregate over the web. Usually it takes less effort and time to join consumers where they’re in comparison to creating a number of accounts and profiles in hopes that clients are going to find you.

Schedule daily time

You need to give regular time to your customers on social media. Schedule enough time every day to communicate with customers, monitor conversations and send new messages.

Be a professional

Social businesses in order to communicate with customers need to be an expert in social media platforms. For example, small businesses can join the communities where they already have their customers and start answering questions and giving advice. Always remember one thing—never pretend to be a consumer while participating in social discussions. Let people know you are an entrepreneur.


When you are marketing your brand in social media, you should stop broadcasting on your products/services and listen to what your consumers want to say. You can build strong social relationship with your consumers when you learn to listen.

Be social

A small business should have good conversation skills and must respond quickly to people. The main point of social networking is conversing and customers are going to get bored if you do not take part in the social flow. Just like offline conversations, you must ask direct questions to your customers within the social group to make them feel important.

If you follow these tips, you will start to see social media making a big difference to your business’ online presence.

Author bio:

This article was written by Adriana Sopi, a business consultant who helps small businesses grow. The writer has even written many articles on 8a certification; and other SBA 8 a certification, which help small businesses get an access to federal contracts.