Everyday Superwear

Everyday SuperwearA new breed of men’s t-shirts has hit the Australian market. Fashion forward brothers Kon, Michael and Jim, the brains behind the new Komiji brand, have just launched a truly unique range of shapewear for the style conscious male. With the slim fitting range, offering unforeseen material quality and great value for money, Komiji have it sewn up.

In producing their exclusive fabric blend of 82% cotton and 18% spandex, the trio developed an original concept in men’s t-shirts and singlets that provide style, functionality and variety.

Transcending international boundaries, Komiji clothing is available both online and in selected retail stores, offering universal pricing, irrespective of location.

“Everyone’s thinking has changed in how they shop, so by providing an online store we can reach customers whether they are in Sydney, the UK or LA,” explains Kon.

Komiji t-shirts and singlets are the perfect hybrid between undergarment and outer garment, making them a true wardrobe necessity. Thinking back on his experience in the launch of international clothing brands in the Australian market, Kon remembers the extensive colour ranges, very few of which were available to Australian consumers.

“You look in the colour books from the US and you go WOW! I decided that’s what I was going to get for Australia. I want guys to know they can have apple green, lilac or banana; they might start off with one Komiji colour but they have the choice to add to their collection as they see fit,” smiles Kon.

The brothers’ decision to produce the garments locally in Australia has direct benefits for shoppers. Access to local manufacturers means a rapid one week turnaround on all garments, avoiding delivery delays or issues with stock levels. This ensures the peace of mind that garments will be available in the size and colour that consumers want, when they want it.

“Through our Melbourne plant we can maintain flexibility and an always ‘in-stock’ certainty, without having a warehouse full of 50,000 t-shirts in one size or colour.”

In addition to their market leading, integrated supply-chain strategy, Komiji also utilises an in-depth research and development process. This analysis has guided the design of their unique fabric combination, in targeting this underdeveloped market segment. The combination of breathable cotton and spandex provides a soft texture with a medium compression, which holds its shape well over time.

“The quality available in Europe is far superior to the standard fabrics available in Australian clothing. We wanted to bring real quality to the market, while keeping our range affordable for the average consumer.”

“Our fabric is designed with men’s acceptance levels and comfort in mind. The garments are designed as shape wear for day to day use…men would not put up with high compression for long periods of time.”

At Komiji, fashion and consumer trends remain a key driver to product development.

“Times have changed…you look back a few years and t-shirts were big and baggy and now it’s completely the opposite. Everyone’s perception has changed of how they want to wear their t-shirts…even jeans are more fitted,” explains Kon.

The future certainly looks bright for the Komiji brothers, with plans to further extend the range well underway and a strong hold on this solid niche market firmly within their grasp.